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A crown can be required for a variety of reasons

Dental crowns are a durable, long-term repair solution for teeth that are damaged, cracked or chipped and are in need of restoration. They improve the way your front teeth or back teeth work and look. Our experienced dentists know that with cracks and breakages in the teeth, things can get worse very quickly if they are not treated.

Patients most often require dental crowns when:

  • They have a tooth that has extensive decay
  • Their tooth has been worn down and requires protection
  • Root canal treatment means the tooth requires reinforcing
  • The tooth has a big filling and requires additional structural support
  • They want the look of their smile improving
  • They have dental implants and require a crown to complete treatment
  • They require supports for a dental bridge

We work with ceramists who have worked on the popular makeover show ‘Extreme Makeover’ and who use top-of-the-range equipment and materials to make exceptional dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

  • Dental crowns an effective form of dental restoration that completely covers the remaining tooth, or completely covers the adjoining part of a dental implant.
  • Dental crowns are commonly required when a tooth is particularly vulnerable and a lot of the natural structure is missing. This is why they form an entire structure, rather than a partial structure, because more restoration is needed than if a tooth had minor decay or a minor chip and where a filling may suffice.
  • Dental crowns can be made from a wide variety of different materials depending on the preference of the patient, and sometimes based on where the crown is going to be placed.
  • Most often, porcelain is used as the crown material of choice because it is so durable, strong and exceptionally natural in the way that it looks. However, crowns can also be made from gold and metal. Our professional ceramists ensure that whichever material is used, the result is a stunning natural looking crown designed to transform the smile.

The benefits of dental crowns

  • The Look

    Dental crowns are usually made from porcelain which is an incredibly natural looking material. That means nobody needs to know the tooth isn’t real and instead, with the help of our highly experienced cosmetic dentists, you can have a tooth with the exact shading and shaping you need to complete your smile.

  • A Better Bite

    When you lose a tooth or have a broken tooth, chewing can be tricky. With advances in dentistry, crowns are stronger and more precisely shaped than ever before, so you can enjoy eating and speaking the way you did before, free from discomfort.

  • Natural Tooth Protection

    We do whatever we can to preserve a natural tooth and fitting a crown is just one of the many treatments we can provide to help you keep your natural teeth. A dental crown fits completely over the top of the existing tooth that might be extensively decayed or broken and protects it from further damage.

  • Complete Versatility

    Crowns are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of restoration treatments. They can be used for aesthetic reasons, to protect the tooth or save the tooth and when the tooth cannot be saved, dental crowns combined with implants provide a total tooth restoration solution.

What are the difference types of crown?

There are lots of different types of crowns available to you when you come into our professional Essex clinic for treatment. We can discuss the options with you at your completely free consultation.

  • Some types of crown are only available privately and not through the NHS
Stainless Steel Crowns

This type of crown is often used as a temporary option whilst the permanent crown is being made. They are usually pre-made and are fixed to the prepared tooth in between appointments.


Metals used in crowns can include gold, platinum or combination metals. Metal crowns are durable and rarely chip, but the appearance is different to that of a natural crown so it isn’t for everybody. Metal crowns can be a good choice for a molar tooth at the back of the mouth.


Porcelain is the preferred material for a natural looking crown and often they are bonded to the tooth underneath using metal to make them more hardwearing.


Totally resin crowns are affordable but they can be a lot less durable than other materials and so won’t necessarily last as long as porcelain or metal.


With an all porcelain crown you can expect a totally natural-looking tooth that works well for the front teeth or the back teeth. They work well as an option for those with a metal allergy.

What is the procedure for crown treatment?

Preparing a tooth for a crown is only completed after complete diagnostics are done to check tooth health. If there is infection or decay that is within the tooth pulp we may need to perform root canal treatment first. Root canal treatment is where we would remove the infected pulp and then fill the chamber with special dental cement. Following root canal therapy we would then proceed with crown treatment.

  • When your crown treatment begins, we will provide a pain free local anaesthetic to the area so that you are completely comfortable during treatment. We will then prepare the tooth receiving the crown by filing it down. In some instances we may need to add cement to the tooth to build it up in preparation for the crown. A temporary crown is then applied before your permanent crown is made in a laboratory by our highly-experienced ceramists.

You will come in for your crown fitting appointment when we will fit your crown permanently. In some instances, we may complete the full treatment in one appointment, but we can discuss your options with you during your free consultation.

Before & After Dental Crowns Treatment at Perfect Smile Spa

Before After Treatment
Before After Treatment
Before After Treatment
Before After Treatment

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