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Painless tooth removal in Essex

Permanent teeth are designed to last you a lifetime, but there are many reasons that this may not be the case. Injury, dental disease and a need to make more room in your mouth are common reasons a tooth may need to be extracted.

Our Essex team is dedicated to saving your teeth, so if there is anything that we can do to save your tooth we will always look at those treatments first. Perfect Smile Spa offers professional, pain-free tooth extraction in a sterile environment.

Why you might need tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is always the final solution after we have considered all other treatments which could save the tooth. In the event that you require a pain free tooth extraction with us, then the tooth is likely too damaged from decay or injury and trauma to be saved. Here are some common reasons tooth extraction is needed:

  • Severe damage to the tooth

    The tooth may have extensive damage and decay to the point repair is not an option. If we can fit a crown, add a filling or perform other viable repairs we will always try that first. However, some teeth are beyond repair and it is better for your oral health to have them removed.

  • Advanced gum disease

    Advanced gum disease can affect the tooth and then spread to the gums and tooth root, loosening the tooth to a point it either comes out on its own or it needs removing.

  • Overcrowding

    Sometimes a tooth needs to be removed to allow orthodontic treatment to be successful. If there are too many teeth in the mouth, teeth straightening cannot work and so, your Essex dentist may recommend removing a tooth to allow the rest to straighten out in full.

  • Teeth not breaking through

    Sometimes if a tooth will not break through on its own because there is no room for it, or for another medical reason, your dentist will recommend tooth extraction.

  • A deep infection

    Root canal treatment is used when there is a pulp infection (the middle of the tooth) that needs to be removed. Often our experienced dentists successfully save the tooth this way, but if the infection has spread or cannot be cured, then tooth extraction may be necessary.

  • Your complete health is at risk

    If your immune system is at risk because of a medical condition, such as chemotherapy, even the potential for infection can be enough of a reason to remove a tooth. In all instances, we look at every single potential treatment to save the tooth before extraction is considered.

What To Expect From A Tooth Extraction

Depending on how complex your tooth extraction is, we will always try to complete the procedure in our clinic, although sometimes you may have to be referred to hospital.

When you come in for the procedure, we will start by making you as comfortable as possible. During your consultation you may have spoken to us about oral or IV sedation for additional support to feel fully relaxed during your treatment. If sedation has been arranged, we will provide it alongside pain-free local anaesthetic.

If the tooth is impacted, we will need to work on the gum and bone that covers the tooth to successfully remove it and sometimes we have to remove a tooth in fragments. This can happen with injuries where a tooth has been broken.

We always offer exceptional aftercare to patients and following an extraction we are always on hand to help if you are concerned there is a problem.

How do I replace my missing tooth after extraction?

Painless tooth removal in Essex

After having tooth extraction, it’s advised that you replace any missing teeth (depending on your circumstances) to prevent issues with affected speech, the appearance of your smile, problems eating, the face appearing hollow where teeth once held the structure.

At Perfect Smile Spa we have a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments to help you regain the natural smile you deserve. We have several solutions for missing teeth, and our main three recommended treatments include:

  • Dental Implants – Dental implants are the ‘gold standard’ in tooth replacement because they not only replace the missing tooth above the gum, but the tooth root below the gum which degrades following tooth loss. A dental implant is made from titanium and is placed to heal with the bone over a period of months. An implant can hold crowns, bridges, dentures and more, anchoring the tooth replacement in place for the most natural looking and feeling restoration.
  • Cosmetic Dentures – we work with experienced denture laboratories who have worked with high-end makeover TV programmes. We use detailed impression technology to ensure the dentures fit comfortably along with high quality materials to make sure they look incredible. We guarantee your cosmetic dentures will look just like your natural teeth, providing you with a fantastic smile following tooth extraction. Cosmetic dentures can be combined with implant retained dentures for a more secure tooth replacement treatment.
  • Dental Bridges – a dental bridge is a fixed dental product that replaces one or more missing teeth. It works by filling the missing tooth gap with a false tooth, which is attached to the natural teeth either side by crowns. Dental bridges can also be fixed in place using dental implants for exceptional permanent tooth replacement.

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Perfect Smile Spa is situated in Hornchurch, Essex, and with easy access to from London we are here to provide you with treatments that will give you a beautiful, healthy smile you’ll be proud of.

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