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Are there any Advantages of Clear Braces!

Every one desires to have a perfect smile, and almost every one with teeth abnormalities is interested in straightening their teeth. It is really important choosing the right treatment for your needs and lifestyle. There are many advantages of having clear braces than the old traditional braces where people use to tolerate metal brackets and wires. 

 Clear braces such as Invisalign and Smilelign are one of the orthodontic treatments that straighten your teeth using a series of invisible and removable aligners that are custom made which fit only on your teeth. It offers very high levels of comfort, convenience and confidence for patients. Invisible braces are an effective way to treat number of orthodontic issues such as:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Rotations
  • Over bite
  • Under bite
  • Deep bite
  • Open bite

In today’s world most people want a perfect and beautiful smile and almost all people are conscious about aesthetics. The media play a very big part in promoting perfect health, smiles and bodies and what’s more, people want to like celebrities. Clear braces are an option for those people. Indeed many celebrities have had and are having invisible braces. Normally clear brace treatment begins with a consultation with patient and followed up with taking x-rays, photographs, a bite registration and impressions of patient’s mouth and gum. Then patients have a consultation where their treatment plan will be discussed and telling them their options. If you choose to go ahead, then the aligners will be custom made to wear to move teeth from current teeth position to the desired teeth position that has been designed for you. With invisible braces, you may need a number of aligners depending on your teeth.

Types of Clear braces:

An American system very popular around the world

English based system very similar to Invisalign

Clear Aligners
Very similar to the above but for milder cases

Here are some of the advantages of clear braces;


They are invisible removable aligners that are invisible and less noticeable as the plastic construction is ‘see through’. No brackets and wires to make you hide your smile while talking with someone. It offers aesthetic and an alternative option for those who do not want to have the fixed braces but still provides effective treatment.


Clear braces are removable aligners you can take off while eating and drinking and one of the advantages of this brace is that you can take them off for any social event that you do not to wear the brace. However it might slow down the process of the treatment if you keep them off for long periods.

Designed only for you:

Invisible braces are custom made only where your dentist will take accurate impression of your teeth and gum which will be then send it to highly recommended technicians where they use the 3D modelling software and cutting edge technology to manufacture the aligners for you.

Confidence to wear them:

This type of orthodontic treatment gives patients more confidence about the treatment especially when people focus more on your smile rather than your brace. Because they are clear they give more confident for you to attend any specially occasions, unlike metal braces.


Clear braces have a superior comfort level as they are made of smooth plastic and have no brackets and wires to poke into your mouth and cheeks and may cause ulcerations on your mouth. As fixed braces have the brackets and wires, they may cause ulcers due to rubbing into your gum or cheek. This is why during fixed brace treatments you are suggested to have soft wax with you to reduce the level of discomfort.


With clear braces there are no restrictions on food while having the treatments so you can eat whatever they like to. However when having fixed braces normally you will be advised from your dentist to avoid hard and sticky foods and have a less sugary diet. Avoid biting on hard foods like crisps, nuts and apples etc, because they may loosen the brackets and may come off.


It is really easy with clear braces to keep your hygiene level as they are removable appliances so you can take them off while cleaning your teeth without any special brushes and flosses. However when you have fixed appliances it is more difficult to keep your hygiene level because of the brackets and wire therefore you need special brushes and floss to keep your hygiene level good. During the fixed brace looking after tooth hygiene is really important otherwise you might have yellow stains on to your teeth permanently where then you may need to consider whitening afterwards.

Time consuming:

With clear brace treatments like Invisalign or Smilelign you can save lots of time not seeing you dentist regularly to review your progress of treatment however with fixed braces you need to see your dentist every two weeks for reviews and adjustments. So if you’re busy with your lifestyle then clear braces may be a better option of orthodontic treatment than you might think of.

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