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How Can I Straighten my Teeth

Over three quarters of the population are not happy about their smile. It may be because their teeth are discoloured, gappy, chipped or crooked. Not many people are aware that simple cost effective treatments such as clear braces, teeth bonding, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers can give them a smile they can be proud of.

Some people with non-aligned front teeth that are visible when we smile face a conundrum with regular braces. They would much rather have a beautiful smile, but the idea of wearing metal braces for years as an orthodontist corrects their bite is even less appealing than the thought of living with the smile they already have.

Nowadays there are many alternatives to traditional orthodontics if you just want cosmetic enhancements. And what’s more the braces are quicker and invisible! At Perfect Smile Spa in Essex we use 3 types of clear braces:

The Inman Aligner.

This is clear removable brace that uses springs to straighten teeth. The Inman aligner is only good for correcting the front 4 teeth, it doesn’t straighten back teeth. It’s very fast and can straighten mildly crooked teeth in weeks!

Smilelign or Clear Aligners

These invisible removable braces are the most comfortable and invisible. They can straighten more severely crooked or gappy teeth in a few months.

Six month smiles fixed braces

This American tooth coloured fixed brace is an excellent option if you want a fixed brace. It’s easy to get on with, pretty invisible and very efficient at straightening most types of cases.

Unlike metal braces with silver brackets and wires, Six Month Smiles uses teeth coloured fasteners and wires. In other words, they are barely visible. That means that adults do not have to endure the stigma of being the grown-up version of ”brace face”. Average time for treatment is 3- 6 months.

Do I have to have teeth taken out?

Ninety five percent of the time – NO!

Only very rarely we take teeth out.

The fact that the above braces only require around six months always leads to the question, then why can’t they do the same with ordinary braces?

The reason is Cosmetic braces (ones above) and traditional orthodontic braces are means of achieving two different goals. Traditional braces are meant to fix someone’s bite. Yes, they also straighten teeth, but that’s not the primary objective traditional braces.

Cosmetic braces designed to straighten only the teeth that are visible when a person smiles and don’t get too involved with changing the bite. So this is a lot quicker.

Straignt Teeth

When people come to understand that the Cosmetic Braces Program can fix a smile without a mouthful of ugly metal and it can do so quickly and they understand how a smile can be fixed so quickly, they inevitably think, OK, but my teeth are extremely crooked and I have big spaces all over. Surely this procedure can’t help me. Yes, it can.

That’s what is so great about theses brace systems. It is designed for almost everyone. It works no matter how misaligned your teeth are. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your smile is just too misaligned, that your teeth are too crooked or that the spaces between your teeth are gaps that are just too wide to eliminate.

Can my teeth move back?

After your teeth are straightened we will make retainers fixed (wire bonded on back of teeth) and removable (clear plastic) that will keep your teeth in the new position. If you don’t wear retainers your teeth will move back!

FREE teeth whitening

Currently you get free home teeth whitening with all braces at Perfect Smile Spa

Alternative treatments

So what are the options if you don’t want any braces at all!

You could have cosmetic bonding, a special tooth coloured resin is bonding to your teeth to hide undesirable features such as gappy teeth. Another more permanent alternative is Porcelain veneers; these are porcelain laminates that are bonded to the front surface any healthy undesirable teeth so they hide all the flaws and give you a perfect smile.

Come in and visit Dr. Jas Sagoo at Perfect Smile Spa. Dr Jas Sagoo was shortlisted for 4 awards at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013 and 2014. He has done thousands of successful cosmetic dentistry procedures and with 19 year’s experience he can help you achieve your perfect smile right now.

This post is by Dr Jas Sagoo who is the principle dentist at Perfect Smile Spa in Essex.How Can I Straighten my Teeth was last modified: July 2nd, 2018 by Dr Jas Sagoo