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How do I get a Hollywood Smile?

A persons smile is the first feature that is noticed when you meet someone. Having a beautiful smile is becoming more important to people and Cosmetic dentistry is making that possible.

Cosmetic Dentistry doesn’t have to be a full mouth reconstruction. Sometimes the quickest, smallest treatment is enough to change a smile. Not everyone is blessed with naturally straight, white teeth and this is where we come in!

There is always a type of Cosmetic Dentistry to suit everyone’s needs although not all will provide you with that Hollywood smile.

Types of Cosmetic Treatments that will improve my smile

Home Teeth Whitening
The simplest and easiest treatment to do, this highly effective system can whiten your teeth in 10-14 days. Impressions are taken of your mouth to make custom trays and the whitening process is carried out in the comfort of your own home. The Zoom system promises at least 8 shades improvement whilst some people actually get a 20-30 shade difference!

Laser Teeth Whitening
This treatment takes about 2 hours in the studio to complete. A gel is applied to the surfaces of the teeth with a booster to make it work quickly. A laser is then placed above the teeth to activate the gel. The results are instant although we do recommend that patients have the home kit too to top the colour up at home. It has been known for the teeth to drop a couple of shades a few days after treatment.

Porcelain Veneers / Porcelain Crowns
This is the only treatment that can guarantee you a white Hollywood smile. As your new smile is made of porcelain and in a laboratory, we can make the shade as bright as you want. Usually we find that younger people want really bright white teeth and they manage to carry the look off but we do tend to sway older patients to choose a more subtle shade to make them look more natural. We can get perfect, straight teeth using Porcelain Veneers too. Porcelain Veneers and Crowns correct a vast array of problems in as little as 2 weeks.

Clear Braces
You may already have white teeth, but are unhappy with their position. Clear Braces can help to reposition the teeth to give you a perfect smile. There are many types of Clear Braces available, all used to correct different concerns and problems. There are also now fixed and removable options available. A consultation with your dentist will help you decide which one is best for you.

Dental Implants
Having gaps in your mouth might be spoiling your smile so we can use Dental Implants to replace these gaps. Crowns and Bridges can be added to Implants to restore function and your smile.

Dentures are also used to replace missing teeth. As these are made in stages and in a laboratory too we can choose the shade of the teeth. Like Porcelain Veneers these can be made bright white too.

Gum Reshaping
Using a special diode laser we can reshape the gum line to give a more even smile. Treatment is quick and painless and the results are instant. This can also be used to help improve a gummy smile.

Teeth Contouring
Sometimes it’s the small touches that can make all the difference. The teeth are contoured by removing a small amount of enamel. This slightly alters the shape of the tooth. There is only so much enamel we can remove and the dentist will advise whether this treatment will be enough to change your smile.

Cosmetic Bonding
Teeth can be reshaped, gaps can be closed and staining erased using Cosmetic Bonding. Bonding will only last about 5 years or so. After this time they may start to chip away and discolour.

Sometimes it takes a combination of treatments to get a beautiful smile. It is advised to have a Full Assessment with the dentist to discuss your concerns and how you want your smile to look. The dentist will then plan your new smile with you. If minimal treatment is needed then they will usually advise you at this appointment. If more planning is needed the dentist will usually ask you to return to the practice at a later date to discuss different options.

Dr Sagoo will always involve you in the design process of your new smile. He can even show you how your new smile will look without even touching your teeth! By having ‘wax ups’ made, a simulation of your new teeth, you will see how your new smile will look and can even make changes to the ‘simulated teeth’ before yours are even prepared. We then use this wax up to create your temporary smile. Even at this stage we can still make changes. You will then decide with the Ceramist Technician the shade of your new teeth.

Working alongside Dr Jas Sagoo and the Technician you can be assured that you can and will achieve that beautiful Hollywood smile!

This post is by Dr Jas Sagoo who is the principle dentist at Perfect Smile Spa in Essex.How do I get a Hollywood Smile? was last modified: July 2nd, 2018 by Dr Jas Sagoo