Dental Implants

How To Take Care Of Dental Implants

Dental implants use titanium screws to make the crown more stable, are generally better than dentures due to less irritation and less movement, and can even restore your ability to chew, with a permanent and comfortable solution.

With our painless dentistry methods and techniques, you’ll be able to have the perfect smile without any pain and minimal discomfort, using a local anaesthetic, relaxing spa treatments and expert professional dentists who ensure you feel as comfortable as possible.

As the next best thing to natural, healthy teeth, dental implants traditionally have a very high success rate. Dental implants have the ability to restore a lost tooth so that it looks, feels and functions like a normal and natural tooth.

There is no reason dental implants can’t last a lifetime when taken care of correctly and effectively. In this guide, we explain how to take care of your dental implants so that you can enjoy your perfect smile for a lifetime.

How Often Should Dental Implants Be Cleaned?

It goes without saying, but you should care for your dental implants in the same way you would care for your natural teeth. While implants do not decay, they can develop plaque which can irritate and inflame the surrounding gum tissue.

This means that you should brush your teeth twice daily and make sure the gum line and teeth are cleaned thoroughly each time to avoid infections, particularly as this is where plaque can gather.

You should also continue to visit your dentist every six months for a checkup and for regular professional cleaning. You should clean twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and low-abrasive toothpaste, due to many kinds of toothpaste containing abrasive ingredients which can remove the glaze from the porcelain. Make sure to brush under and around the implant and use a nylon-coated interdental brush to clean the hard-to-reach places, flossing daily with unwaxed floss.

Whilst the success rate is extremely high, if you do experience any worries or concerns following a dental implant treatment, you should visit your Essex dentist as soon as possible, before your next agreed visit date.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants have been used for over 30 years to replace missing teeth and can last a lifetime, depending on how well you look after them. Implants are very durable and will last many years. Of course, this does mean that dental implants require ongoing maintenance and regular visits to the dentist for a checkup.

Like any other restoration, your implant-supported teeth can still be damaged by trauma and affected by gum disease and poor oral hygiene, as well as infections if plaque isn’t removed effectively.

Foods to Avoid After Having Dental Implants Fitted

Dental implants improve your ability to be able to chew and eat foods, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy all foods you once used to with your natural teeth, especially if you are looking at having dental implants due to suffering from missing or damaged teeth.

However, you should take precaution when consuming particular foods soon after having dental implants fitted. Some foods you should limit or try to avoid in the weeks following the fitting of your dental implants will include apples, carrots, crisps, crusty bread, ice cubes, chewy sweets and meat that requires excessive chewing, for example, beef.

Soon after having dental implants fitted, you may find it easier to opt for softer foods to get used to the sensation of having dental implants, as they are extremely likely to feel different. These soft foods generally include pasta, rice, mashed potato dishes (including cottage pie), jacket potatoes, soup, smoothies and juices. It’s not compulsory that you must consume these foods after your treatment, however, many have found it easier to adapt this way.

Once your implants have healed and your mouth feels comfortable enough, you can begin to introduce different foods into your diet, and it won’t be long until you’re able to enjoy all of your favourite foods again. 

How Can We Help?

Our dentists and team in Essex have advanced training in dental implant skills. We use implant techniques recognised for their innovation and reliability. Our cosmetic dentists have numerous dentistry awards as they use the most advanced equipment and aim to offer painless dentistry for nervous patients, including the option for sedation for optimum comfort.

At Perfect Smile Spa, we recognise how important a smile is to our patients. This is why our highly-skilled and experienced cosmetic dentists are there for you every step of the way in achieving your perfect smile using dental implants or any other cosmetic dentistry treatment.

We pride ourselves by giving our patients the most pleasant dental experience to enable them to overcome any fears and maintain their teeth for the rest of their lives.

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