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Teeth Fitted in a Day!

‘Teeth in a day’ refers to a treatment where all of the teeth or dentures in the jaw are replaced by dental implants and the patient receives new fixed (non-removable and screwed in) teeth on the same day.

This technique has the advantages that treatment time and treatment complexity is significantly reduced. It usually means that the patient can avoid additional bone grafting surgery, so it ends up being a cost-effective and relatively more comfortable way of restoring large gaps or complete arches.

It is a particularly suitable option for denture-wearing patients who wish to try and regain the appearance and function of natural teeth once more.

Before the dental implants can be fitted, many hours of planning are required behind the treatment and procedure. Planning may require various radiographs, including CT scans which usually involve computer aided 3-D planning of cases.
The teeth that are provided on the day of treatment have to be classified as temporary teeth. This is due to the fact that for 3-4 months after implant placement, further gum tissue healing will occur, so it would be necessary to replace the initial teeth with a more accurately fitting fixed set of teeth.

Two of the implants are placed at the front of the mouth, taking advantage of the dense jaw bone existing there. The two implants at the posterior of the mouth are fitted at forty-five degree angles to allow maximum stability and take full advantage of the stronger bone in front of the jaw and avoid the maxillary sinuses in the upper jaw.

There is no need to wait for the mouth to heal before placing bridges or dentures on the Implants with ‘All-on-4-implants’ so the patient is able to leave the surgery with a full set of functional and beautiful teeth.

Am I suitable for All-on-4?

Before the treatment begins the dentist will do a thorough full mouth assessment to ensure the patient is suitable for implant treatment.  Implants have the highest success rate when performed on suitable candidates. Factors which pose as risks to success are if the patient is diabetic or smokes heavily.  Smokers must note that they are two and a half times more likely to experience failure than non-smokers.  However, this does not prevent smokers from having implants.

Those who suffer from gum disease will need to get it treated before starting the implant procedure. They can do this by having regular visits to the hygienist and maintain good oral hygiene at home which includes regular flossing and using the interdental brushes. For severe cases of gum disease a more intense gum treatment performed by a periodontist may be necessary.

Benefits of teeth in a day:

  • Only requires 4 implants instead of the usual 6 – 10
  • Is carried out far quicker than traditional methods with less surgery
  • Less costs involved than standard placement of 6-8 implants
  • Bone graft unlikely to be required, which also reduces the cost
  • Permanent set of teeth can be fitted in the same appointment as the implants
  • The teeth All-on-4 do not rub against the gums (no ulceration with denture wear) as they are securely fitted into the dental implants.
  • All-on-4 replacement teeth are fixed permanently in the mouth and can be cleaned just like natural teeth

What are the risks?

As with most dental treatments, there are risks involved when placing All-on-4 implants. Although unlikely, Anti biotics and pain killers should help with the discomfort until it resolves. However, the procedure itself will be pain-free. Your dentist will use x-rays or CT scans to determine the exact position of the many nerves which are in your lower jaw. These nerves supply your tongue, chin and lower lip and teeth; if they are disturbed or damaged during the implant procedure, you might experience tingling or numbness. Also, the amount of stress and force when biting and chewing can put great strain on the jaw bones. It is therefore important the quality of the bone is good enough to cope with the pressure. Otherwise this can lead to the implantnot fusing with the bone properly, and possible failure.

All on 4 implants and teeth in a day implants provide numerous benefits to a person’s quality of life and are considered to be the best long-term solution to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can support dental bridges, dentures, and provide a set of teeth in a day.

Post Treatment

Once the new teeth are fitted it is necessary for you to return for short appointments to remove stitches, take any x rays to check the healing of the bone around the implants, and make any necessary adjustments which may be required in the first few weeks following the treatment.

Fitting the permanent implant teeth

After a healing period of 2-3 months we will remove the temporary bridge and take impressions for the permanent teeth which are fitted after 3 or 4 short appointments.

Finally it will be necessary for you to spend a session or two learning how to clean under your new teeth with our hygienist once the gums have healed.

Cost: Implants usually start from £2095 (£1100 + £985) and from £65.00 (36 months)

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