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Why Do I Have Bad Breath & How Can I Fix It for Good?

Are you struggling with bad breath? It can be an embarrassing and unpleasant problem, especially when it won’t seem to go away no matter how many times you brush or floss. So, what could be causing it? In this blog, we’ll discover the main causes of recurring bad breath, and what bad breath treatments in Essex we have at Perfect Smile Spa to help you permanently kick bad breath to the curb. Don’t give up just yet there’s more hope than you think! 

What Causes Bad Breath?  

If you still notice bad breath after brushing and flossing, there’s probably another reason for it beyond bad oral hygiene. There are many other factors that contribute to bad breath, including: 

Gum Disease: 

Gum disease is the leading cause of bad breath. When bacteria build up in the spaces between your teeth and gums, they release foul-smelling gases. This can leave you with an unpleasant odour that brushing and flossing alone might not eradicate.  

White Tongue: 

If you notice that your tongue has a white coat, this can also contribute to bad breath. This coating can consist of debris, bacteria, and dead cells, which creates an environment for odour-producing bacteria to thrive.  

Smoking & Excessive Drinking: 

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are not only harmful to your overall health but can also lead to bad breath. Tobacco products and alcohol can dry out your mouth, triggering the growth of bad breath causing bacteria.  

Medical Problems: 

Certain medical conditions can contribute to bad breath. Acid reflux, for instance, allows stomach acids to flow back into the oesophagus, leading to an unpleasant taste and odour. Bronchitis, a respiratory condition, can also be a culprit. Managing these underlying medical issues can help address bad breath at its source. 

Dry Mouth: 

Saliva plays a crucial role in keeping your mouth clean by washing away food particles and bacteria. When your mouth is consistently dry, bad breath can become a persistent issue.  

How Can I Get Rid of Bad Breath for Good? 

Here at Perfect Smile Spa, our dental experts understand the impact bad breath can have on your confidence. Our bad breath treatment includes a range of different approaches to tackle bad breath for good, including: 

  • Gum Treatments: Our advanced gum treatments focus on eliminating the bacteria in your mouth that is causing the foul smells. These treatments may include plaque and tartare removal from below the gumline which promotes healing and prevents further bacterial growth.  
  • Tooth Extraction: In cases where a tooth is causing persistent bad breath or is severely decayed or infected, our experts may recommend a tooth extraction. Removing the problematic tooth can eliminate a significant source of bacteria, which in turn helps to improve overall oral health and eliminate bad breath. We prioritise an extraction process that is as comfortable as possible, prioritising your wellbeing throughout the entire procedure.  
  • Dental Hygiene Visits: Regular dental hygiene visits are a crucial aspect of maintaining fresh breath. During your visits to Perfect Smile Spa, our skilled dental hygienists thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria that can contribute to bad breath. We also provide guidance on effective at-home oral care practices, empowering you to take charge of your oral health and keep bad breath at bay for good.  

What are the Benefits of Bad Breath Treatment with Perfect Smile Spa? 

We pride ourselves on the many benefits of our bad breath treatment, which go far beyond the obvious advantage of fresher breath. These benefits include: 

  • Enhanced confidence  
  • Improved self-image  
  • Prevention of dental issues  
  • Improved social comfort  
  • Long-lasting results  

Secure a Fresher Future for Your Breath 

If you’re struggling with persistent bad breath, you don’t have to suffer in silence. At Perfect Smile Spa, our Essex bad breath treatment is designed to effectively address the root cause of bad breath in a comfortable environment free from judgement. Our dental professionals are highly skilled and compassionate, and with years of experience, we tailor our bad breath treatment to address your specific needs and promote a lasting and positive impact on your oral health.  

Get in touch with our expert dental hygienists today to say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to the joy of a truly refreshing smile!