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Would You Like Teeth in a Day?

These days’ people want ‘things done yesterday’. Unlike some things medical procedures cannot be rushed.

However it is possible these days to get teeth made in a day. In this article we will discuss the options of ‘same day teeth’ using dental implants and fixed teeth.

Dental implants are the most reliable source of filling in a gap or replacing an unhealthy tooth, if done correctly. They also have the highest longevity number compared to other treatment options, such as dental bridges and dentures. The dental implant is screwed into the jaw bone and either a crown or bridge can be placed on top of the implant, to give full restoration. Your dentist will match the color and shade in correctly for the color of your teeth and gums, so it will go unnoticed that you have a ‘false’ tooth. Previously in the implant world, the whole procedure to complete everything, from the implant the crown, took a few months to finish. As time has moved on and technology has evolved, thankfully we can now fit a dental implant in and crown on the same day as the dental extraction, so no need to wait for healing of the traumatized area anymore, no more walking around with unwanted gaps!

If you suffer from missing teeth, decayed teeth, or dentures that have never fitted comfortably, you will know that it can have a big effect on your confidence and self-esteem. The everyday things such as smiling or laughing can be daunting, constantly hiding your smile with your hand, or even not smiling at all! Nobody wants this; you should be able to smile freely to the world.

Yes, the dental implant is more expensive than other treatments, but you get what you pay for, and it’s an investment worth investing in, the affect it has on your whole lifestyle and how you feel is something you can’t say no too. And if money is a problem, why not pay monthly for your treatment? There is always a solution in finding ways around financial difficulties. You could pay from as little as 100 a month.

Now dentistry has moved on, as mentioned before, there is no need to wait months for the healing to occur after an extraction, as now we are able to place the implant in the jaw bone on the same day as the tooth has been removed. This is more convenient to the patient as it saves a lot of time, appointments, and you no longer have to walk about with gaps in your smile! You will walk out of the dentist with the biggest most confident smile you’ve ever had! Of Corse, you can never be too careful with procedures that are to do with your health, so for extra precaution, a temporary bridge/crown is fitted on the day of you minor surgery, instead of the permanent porcelain crown or bridge. This is just to be extra careful, and just to make sure the patient doesn’t have any issues with the implant or bridge, as you know, your body can sometimes reject foreign objects that its not familiar of. As your body heals from the extraction, you may notice a very small amount of bone loss, so when the permanent crown/bridge is fitted 3 months after the extraction. This means we can then get an extra precise fit for the crown, to the new shape of your jaw and gum.

Implant placement needs to be planned correctly, to make sure your treatment goes smoothly, and we do things at the best of your interest.

Radiographs and special scans will need to be taken of your jaw and mouth, so your dentist can measure the depth of your jaw, to know what he’s working with. This will tell your dentist if extra bone is needed for the implant to settle into, or if you have enough natural bone already. The scans also tell your dentist where is safe to place the implant, as you have lots of nerves in your mouth, and we want to avoid these.

On the day of your treatment, you will be given local anesthetic to numb the area, for pain free treatment. If you’re a nervous patient, a conscious sedation can be offered to relax you, for this option, you will need to be accompanied by somebody. Once you’re relaxed and unable to feel sensations in your mouth, your dentist and the team will then begin to start your treatment. From as little as one implant can be placed for a missing single tooth, or maybe you’re having multiple extractions, in this case you may need 4 to 8 implants, depending on your treatment plan. Once your implant or implants have been placed securely, your artificial teeth/tooth is then designed specifically for you and your smile, to make sure it looks as natural as possible, and to make the teeth as comfortable as possible. Once the teeth are all settled, they will almost feel like your natural teeth, and you will wonder why you didn’t have this treatment done years ago!

Same Day Implants for multiple missing teeth

In most cases, older patients have full acrylic dentures, or partial dentures. If these are not made properly, patients can suffer from discomfort from the dentures, as the hard acrylic can rub on the gums causing ulcers and sore irritated areas. They dentures can also be loose, causing them to move or even fall out when eating and speaking. With new technology, we are able to make special dentures that fit in with your implants, so your specially made new dentures will be able to anchor onto your implants, to create minimum movement as possible, the dentures will still be removable, when fitted in, they should feel as if they were fixed. In you have a full denture, at least 4 implants will need to be placed evenly across your bone, so then denture will be stable, with no rocking. Partial dentures possibly won’t need as many implants, depending on the patient’s case, as everybody is different.

What are the advantages of this technique?

It’s Fast: After the initial examination, the treatment takes place on a singlevisit.

Permanent: The implants are permanent. If they are looked after properly, they will last a lifetime.

Convenience: Unlike traditional implants methods in which healing takes a period of several months, same day implants have minimal impact upon the rest of your life.

Perfection: The artificial teeth are custom made to give you thesmile you’ve always dreamed of, no matter no matter what condition your teeth are currently in.

It’s Comfortable: The treatment is much less invasive than traditional implant treatment, and therefore causes much less pain.

Local Anaesthetic: This implant treatment can be performed using only local anaesthetic, a much safer prospect than the general anaesthetic which traditionally had to be used.

What are the disadvantages of this technique?

  • Most dental implant surgeons cannot do this treatment – highly specialised.
  • Not all patients are suitable. There needs to be a good quality and amount of bone available.
  • The implant has to be placed into your bone.  Surgery is not without risks. Risks include, infection, prolonged bleeding, damage to other teeth, nerve damage, delayed bone healing, jaw fracture and many others.
  • A healthy person will recover more quickly from this treatment. It is a lot for the body to deal with in one day and therefore may be slightly painful for a while afterwards.

The price of same day implants vary from practice to practice and will be based on how much work needs to be done and the results the patient wishes to achieve. Although not a cheap treatment, this remarkable and truly modern form of dental treatment will give you a functional and beautiful smile in just one day!

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