Six Things to Consider With Orthodontics

Realigning teeth can be achieved through a variety of procedures and are most common for patients looking to fix issues with misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, gappy teeth or problems with an anterior bite, underbite, crossbite or overbite.

If you have already decided that you would like to straighten your teeth with orthodontics, you’re most likely wondering how to begin and what steps you need to take. As there is a wide variety of treatment options available, you might be wondering how to choose which treatment is best for your lifestyle, oral health and your budget.

This guide explains the six things you should consider with orthodontics, including budget, appearance, treatment time, maintenance and how to choose the right orthodontist for you.

1. Appearance & Visibility

Orthodontics are extremely popular with younger adults and older children who have misaligned teeth. However, the thought of having orthodontic treatment to many adults is daunting and is something they would usually avoid as they feel embarrassed about others finding out. When we think of orthodontics, we most likely think of the old-fashioned metal brackets, also commonly referred to as “train tracks”.

Modern orthodontic treatments provide a variety of discreet solutions that are completely invisible to others. Some examples of discrete orthodontics include Invisalign and Smilelign, which are extremely effective.

2. Treatment Time

There are a wide range of orthodontic treatments to choose from, each with a very different treatment time. Of course, the treatment time does depend on the condition of your teeth (how aligned they are) and also if you have oral health problems or require treatment before undertaking orthodontics.

As each orthodontic treatment can move your teeth at a different pace, the type of orthodontic treatment you choose can impact the treatment time. While many patients are looking for orthodontic treatment ahead of a work event, wedding or birthday, they are usually looking for a quick treatment that can provide results in as little as a few weeks.

During your initial consultation, your orthodontist will give you a tailored plan of your orthodontics journey and how long you should expect each treatment to take. As an example, Invisalign, which is the most popular form of orthodontics, takes between 12-18 months for the complete treatment time. 

3. Treatment Cost

Orthodontic treatments massively vary in cost due to the duration of treatment and your preferred option which can both play a part in determining the final cost of treatment. As you may require treatment before having orthodontic treatment, this can also impact the overall cost and may influence your decision of which treatment is best.

As we provide 0% finance on all treatments, this also gives you interest-free and low cost payment plans to pay for your treatment, without the need for a deposit.

4. Maintenance of Braces

Orthodontic treatment is a commitment. While most orthodontic treatments require minimal fuss of maintenance, others will require you to use particular orthodontic floss to clean your teeth, while some orthodontic treatments require you to wear them for a set amount of hours each day.

With Invisalign, for example, you need to clean your teeth before replacing them each time while regularly cleaning the removable retainers throughout the day.

You can live a completely normal life with orthodontics with no restrictions. With that being said, you may be advised to steer clear of sticky foods that can get stuck in your teeth (e.g. chewing gum) or foods that are hard and crunchy (apples or raw carrot).

5. Pain and Discomfort

It’s inevitable that you may experience minor discomfort with orthodontic treatment when it is first applied. Every orthodontist is different but you should never experience significant pain during any stage.

If you are concerned about pain and discomfort or if you have a general phobia of the dentist, we do recommend carrying out research on orthodontic clinics and to opt for painless dentistry if possible. At Perfect Smile Spa, we provide completely pain-free dental treatment meaning that you will never experience pain during or after a treatment.

6. Your Orthodontist

Whether you’ve decided on which treatment option you’d like, or if you still can’t yet decide, the next step will be to find an orthodontist to discuss your treatment options and give you a tailored plan of what to expect. At this point, you’ll also get an idea of how much each treatment will cost.

Orthodontics are best placed to identify which treatments are suitable and unsuitable for you, so don’t panic if you are still unsure.

An experienced orthodontist can also give you a strong estimate of exactly how long each treatment will take and which will produce the best results for your budget and preferred timescale.

Orthodontics in Essex

If you are considering orthodontics, we are more than happy to provide you with a free consultation to guide you on each treatment we have available.

All of our treatments are completely pain-free too, so there’s no need to worry about feeling uncomfortable during any treatments or appointments. Best of all, we offer 0% finance and affordable monthly payment options if you’d like to spread out the costs.

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